Short Film (scripted)

Riding, gliding and getting caught … Her life on the shore in Hawaii is as rough as it can be off in the waves. Most people cling to the familiar even if the familiar is stifling.

Coming soon…

Working Title - Long May She Wave - Documentary

Being brave is easier said than done - this woman makes it look easy. She changed her life in one wave of her hand and never looked back - literally. 

Created & Directed by : Polina Gorman

Coming soon...

Working Title - NEW CITY - Documentary

A committed sacrifice of one’s life time golden age to light the way for his children to live in a better world.  A dream started by one man that can be a dream for many -  Building a Sustainable City:

To protect and prepare America for the impact of climate change and the largest population migration in our history due to rising sea levels, flooding and increasing temperatures. Sustainable City Project’s mission is to bring together the best people, the latest research and technology, and the most creative city planning and design talent from around the world to build the first sustainable city in the United States from the ground up – starting now!

Created and Produced by: Polina Gorman & Vanessa Koppel

Directed by: Polina Gorman